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Help Scout Marketing Site

A suite of pages that loop folks into the Help Scout product, culture, and company values.

Web & System Design

Built on a system
Our team maintains HSDS/Marketing, a small part of the Help Scout Design System that brings our software and company culture to market. Type, spacing, color, and illustration guidelines keep pages feeling consistent while also leaving room to break the mold.
For window-shoppers & tire-kickers alike
From the homepage to a trial form, our system provides a toolkit for creating pages that meet people where they are on their journey.
A DEI Dashboard to keep us Growing
Diverse teams build better products and stronger cultures. Our DEI Dashboard visualizes the internal data we’ve published since 2017, sharing where we’re at and charting a course towards the culture we want to build.
a vibrant, remote-first culture
Our Careers and About pages bring our team and culture to the forefront, shining a light on the people, rituals, and values that make us Help Scout.
Creative Direction
Linda Eliasen
Erik Blad
Bronwyn Gruet
Bronwyn Gruet
Mark Carter
Coming Soon