This site is being built out in the open
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Is this too meta?

September 13, 2021

Here it is folks, the Changelog post about the Changelog.

  • Added V1 of the Changelog with 3 initial posts. This feature's built using CMS Collections, making updates easy and repeatable. Styling is also handled on a more global level.
  • Updated Promo Bar to feature text link to the Changelog. Link is hidden when Changelog is the current page.

Holding myself to it

August 30, 2021

Tweeted to let folks know I'm building out in the open. Hearing back gave me motivation plus some accountability partners—the fabled win-win.

  • Added first version of the Promo Bar with coming soon messaging.
  • Added Google Analytics.

Hello World 👋

August 18, 2021

Jotting down updates and taking a more iterative approach felt like a cool way to break up this project into manageable chunks, be more transparent, and embrace a more constant evolution. Here's what went down first:

  • Used Figma to HTML to make a copy of my existing portfolio in Figma. Kept its general spirit intact, gave it a spruce-up, and added current work.
  • Built MVP homepage on Webflow using various CSS grid sections.